Press Controls / Safety

Press Controls

Wenco Machinery Corp specializes in Punch Press Controls, Press Brake Controls, Motor Controls, Programmable Limit Switches, Tonnage Monitors, & Die Protection. Wenco has the expertise to inspect your machines make recommendations provide the components and turnkey the installation. Our controls range from basic cam controls to a full blown Cieco Inc 15″ Color Touch Screen Automaton Resolver Based Control. Call for a free inspection of your machines.

Conveyor Controls

Wenco Machinery Corp can design, build & install your conveyor controls. Wenco has been representing Dorner Mfg Conveyors for over 30 years we offer standard Dorner controls but if needed Wenco can design and build custom controls that fit your requirements. Our controls range from basic Relay Controls to PLC Controls to Touch Screen Controls.

Safety Equipment

Wenco Machinery Corp. offers a full line of safety equipment; Light Curtains, Barrier Guards, Safety Mats, Interlock Switches, & Parameter Guarding. We also offer a free inspection report & recommendations on safe guarding your machinery.

Wenco Machinery Corp has over 35 years experience supplying, building, and installing controls & safety equipment.