NOXON Automatic Single Track Winder Model SW 1024 - With Paper Interleaf for winding


NOXON Automatic Single Track Winder Model SW 1024 - With Paper Interleaf for winding

Ringwood, NJ


Technical Details:        

Reel diameter:                                                   500-1000 mm (stepless adjustment)

Time needed for reel change:                             4 sec

Strip width in single track operation:                    110 mm Max.

Strip width in double track operation:                   43 mm Max.

Quantity of reels:                                               4 reels Max.

Reel weight:                                                      50 Kg Max.

Paper diameter:                                                 600 mm Max.

Winding speed:                                                 20 m/min. Max.

Compressed air:                                                6 bar

Voltage:                                                            (Please specify)

Color:                                                                RAL 6026 / 6028 structure, green


Special Features:

  • Automatic single or double track winder machine for 4 reels
  • Loop-control for speed regulation via infra red sensor technology
  • Touch sensitive color display (touch screen)
  • 200 data records can be stored
  • Precise reel positioning through circulating ball screw and absolute distance measurement 
  • EDC, electronic distance control, i.e. the thread  channel adapts to the reel diameter
  • EPB, Electronic paper brake, stores paper brake value, ideal for fine parts
  • APC, accurately positioned cutting, enables exact cutting between the contact
  • Programmable sample part ejection (frequency and length)
  • AC servomotor for winding operation and feeder drive
  • Adjustable reel height (mechanical)
  • Profibus technology
  • Parts counter via fork-type light sensor
  • Easy operation, practically maintenance-free
  • Programmable paper tensioning system


ModelSW 1024
Serial Number194386
Stock Number2077